Why Choose Polaris?

Managing Your Important Investment

Most property owners want to make their properties financially self-sustainable. In the hopes of turning a larger profit, many owners try to make it  without a property management firm.

However, our clients have seen time and time again that hiring Polaris Property Management is a sound financial decision. Because of our experience, proven management processes, and aggressive pricing, we’re able to  save you money by taking care of all of the details, including:

Vacancy Time

Vacancy time is a subtle but critical factor in managing a successful rental property. We find and screen suitable tenants, and do so more quickly than our competitors.

Maintenance and Repairs

Because of our long-standing relationships with industry professionals, we’re able to negotiate aggressive pricing on behalf of our property owners.


We take on the responsibilities of upkeep and rent collection, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

Rent Collections

We manage the financial end of your property. We also initiate direct communication – in the form of phone calls, letters and e-mails – with tenants who have outstanding balances on their accounts late into the month — so you don’t have to.

Property and Building Services

We save our clients money on mandatory seasonal work such as yard maintenance, power washing, and snow removal by negotiating great prices with our contractors.

To learn more about how Polaris can work for you, please contact one of our property managers or complete our contact form.

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