What real customers think about Polaris Property Management:

Mike McKnight, April 2105

Before I moved from Greenwood, IN to Charlotte, NC in 2012 I did not know if I should rent my house out or go ahead and sell it. The market at the time was not in the best shape and if I did sell my house I was going to take a hit. After meeting with several property management companies I came across Polaris. When I contacted Dan he came to my house in Greenwood the next evening. Dan was confident we could get the house rented quickly and that I would be an “armchair landlord”. I chose Polaris after doing quite a bit of research, checking references, and having all the documents reviewed by my Attorney. I left Greenwood for Charlotte in May of 2012 without the house being rented or having any idea of how this was going to turn out. I was nervous about having to pay two mortgages if the house was not rented quickly. True to his word, Dan and his team had the house rented within two weeks. The tenant stayed for the year lease and Polaris rented the house again with only a week between tenants. The second tenant signed a year lease and when the lease expired Dan and his team had a new tenant within seven days. In 2014 I decided to put the house up for sale since the market had come around and I felt confident I would be staying in Charlotte. Dan and his team sold the house for 97% of the asking price. My experience with Dan and his team was positive. They were responsive to my needs and the needs of the tenants. I truly was an “armchair landlord”. Yes, Polaris charged me maintenance fees but they were reasonable and they kept me from having to deal with tenants and maintenance issues. Besides, I was 600 miles away from the investment property. Friends have asked me if I would have used Polaris if I was living in Indianapolis and had the rental in Greenwood. My reply to them was yes. Yes, because Dan and his team have years of property management experience and they advised me on business decisions as I would have made emotional decisions. I would recommend the Polaris team to anyone thinking of or who already has an investment property.

Caroline Stevenson, August 2014

It wouldn’t have been awful news to hear the tenants weren’t re-signing, but it was a thumbs up from me.

A few years ago when the housing market was bad, it was extremely uncomfortable to carry two mortgages. Plus it just felt wasteful. Using your company to rent turned lemons into lemonade, and even a decent vehicle to build equity in a house.

Thanks. Ben was initially reluctant to work with someone recommended by a friend, but I stick to my story that if you aren’t working with your friends, aren’t you working with your enemies?


Athena & Marcel Robitaille, February 2013


Dan Baldini and Polaris Management are Amazing to work with.

Having tried for many months to sell our property with no success. We were given Polaris Management company’s name / phone number. After a telephone call and several emails/texts with Dan himself all our questions were answered (first time landlords).  Dan was very PATIENT and understanding. No question was ever too ridiculous.

Being able to complete all paperwork ELECTRONICALLY was painless and amazing. We are living in another country which could have posed huge problems with paper work completion in a timely fashion.

Having the funds directly deposited in to our acct in is wonderful. The only website / invoice system is very clear and easy to navigate and understand what’s going on with the funds.

Dan worked very hard to help us get good tenants into our home on CHRISTMAS eve.

Dan is very prompt with his responses either via text/email.   I look forward to a long working relationship with Polaris Management Company



Kristen Cavallo, February 2013

 Since Dan took over the property management for my investment property, I have never once had the unit empty causing me to pay the mortgage. His ability to keep my town-home filled with highly qualified and respectful tenants is simply amazing. I would not trust anyone else with my rental property.

 Rachelle Rexing, December 2012

The changeover with Polaris Properties has been very positive. Any issues, which are few, have been addressed immediately. I am happy to see updates within the complex, roofs, paint etc. I am proud to call Brickenwood my home and appreciate Amy Masterson for her continued assistance in any matter. Have a Great Holiday Season.

Doug Moses, November 2012 

“I have known Dan over the years in several capacities. Dan was one of my MBA students at Butler University. He served on my church committee for several years. And finally, Dan has been a friend and a sounding board on various business topics from real estate to personal financial investing. Dan has a rare combination of the ability to see the big picture AND understand the smallest of details. I highly recommend Dan Baldini in business and as a friend.”

Matthew Griffith, November 2012 – Griffith Law Group, LLC

“Dan is one of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals I’ve ever met. Class act.”

Jerry Gelsomino, November 2012 

“Dan and his firm have been very professional in every aspect of their business. As we live outside the U.S., his efficient and immediate communication with us is highly regarded.”

Jim Morgan, November 2012 

“Dan is a very bright and innovative professional. He is a man of character and high ethics, you would do well working with him.”

 Robert Sanders, November 2012

 “Dan’s unwavering integrity and relentless passion to be the best in his industry is profoundly transparent to anyone that meets him. Not only have I personally engaged Dan in business, but have referred others to him as well. Dan’s refreshing passion to coach his clients to success is truly unique, and I recommend him highly to anyone seeking truly exceptional real estate/property management services.”

Kristen Cavallo, Indianapolis, November 2012 

Ashlie Saeger, Indianapolis, October 2012

After an extremely lengthy explanation of her terrible experience with a property management company in Arizona, Ashlie had this to say about Polaris Real Estate and Polaris Property Management, LLC:

“I’m basically comparing my experience in AZ with what was required of me as a homeowner in Indiana. I guess I expected it would be the same. [In Indiana] I had to have my house spotless and the carpets cleaned before the tenants moved in. Even though it is expected, it’s the right thing to do. If I don’t treat my place well, how can I expect the renters to do the same? I had to have three keys made for both the front door and mailbox. I didn’t just hand over my existing keys and say, “have at it…don’t lose them.” The property management team I worked with [Polaris] answered every single phone call and email without hesitation. I don’t think I even had to wait 24 hours to get a response. I get monthly statements about my renters and if either the tenants or I have an issue in Indianapolis, I can count on Polaris to take care of it quickly and professionally. I called and begged them to open up shop in Arizona so I could rent from them. This has been a huge mistake on my part, to assume that things would be the same as in Indiana. I expected the same amount of professionalism and integrity from my management in Arizona that I have in Indiana; obviously I was wrong. At this point I have no interest in renewing my lease out here in Arizona once my year is up.

Polaris…Please, please, please open up shop out here. Teach these Arizona people how to run a professional company that cares about customer service!

Take care”

John Spafford, Indianapolis, October 2012

“Dear Dan: Thank you for your hard work and that of your Team at Polaris Real Estate in leasing my property on Rose Haven Drive- your Team filled it FASTER than I have ever filled it myself. In fact, you beat the shortest time it ever sat vacant by over 20 days! That’s serious money in my pocket! Your team handled the listing and the showings making it easy for me. There simply is nobody in Indianapolis who drives more leads to view my property online and then in person with showing appointments. And finally, there is nobody who completes the transaction with the end goal in acute focus- Maximizing Revenue while Minimizing Expenses.

Thanks for valuing my time and property almost as much as I do!”

Armored Heatring and Cooling, 2012


“Polaris offers property management services to individuals and investors of single-family homes, condos, and townhomes in Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, Avon, Brownsburg, and Plainfield, Indiana. Managing over $30 million in assets, the company is renowned for rapid and accurate communication with owners and tenants, and its reputation for excellence continues to expand amongst international investors focused on excellent EBITDA, NOI, ROI, and ROE. Trust Polaris Property Management, LLC to look after your property.”

Gavin Fisher, September 2011

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Kristen & Nick Cavallo, Indianapolis, August 2009

“Our experience in working with the Polaris team has been nothing short of perfection. From top to bottom, their team is the epitome of professionalism and sincerity. We leased our property in a timely manner with full confidence in their ability to locate a qualified and considerate tenant, who would treat our home with respect. Their team operates with the utmost integrity and manages our property as if it is their own.”

Helen Dennisson, Westfield, March 2009

“Love your new website! Our house is taking shape. The outside is 95% finished and they should be painting the inside soon. So things are moving along.

We are grateful to be looking forward to a fresh beginning in 2009 and won’t have been able to do it without you. God has guided us through this difficult patch, and believe he sent us in your direction. May God’s Blessings be abundant.”

Nichole Freije, Broad Ripple, January 2006

“Dan Baldini served as my agent for an investment property. He provided excellent service, advice and contacts. Perfect for first-time or experienced real estate investors.”

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