First Time Landlords

The growth of real estate has inspired an interest for a new wave of property investors to take advantage of various opportunities. In particular, this includes first-time investors eager to take their first step into the property market.

Makes the whole process easy

Dan and his staff have done a fabulous job with our rental home. Dan makes the whole process easy and I would highly recommend his services!

Rodney Fields
Home Owner

Very prompt and professional

We have been working with Dan to rent out our Indianapolis condo for the past 7 years. He and his team have always been very prompt and professional in all interactions we have. Thanks to Polaris, we are able to painlessly get great tenants and not worry at all about day to day running of our property. It really has been a great relationship.

Rachael Hannum Lynch

I have used Polaris for 6 years

I have used Polaris for 6 years for my rental property and have nothing but EXCELLENT to say about the work Dan Baldini and his company does!!!

Daniel Koger
Home Owner

Helping my clients achieve their goals with little hassle

If you’re looking for a no nonsense property manager, your search is over. Dan and his team are outstanding at helping my clients achieve their goals with little hassle. Dan is very knowledgeable and uses that information to put his clients in the best possible situation.

Ryan Blakley
Business Banking Center Manager

Runs a tight ship

Dan runs a tight ship. I am a tenant in his office building. I am always impressed how he maintains the building, is well versed on operations and visits me on a regular basis making sure everything is going well. In my opinion it would be difficult to find a property manager as top notch as Dan.

Tim Lord
Lord Real Estate

Making sure things are done the right way

Dan and Polaris took over my units and completely turned them around. He is extremely knowledgeable and prompt. I have never worked with a more professional group. His team is always making sure things are done the right way.

Greg Burns
Home Owner

Knowledge, experience, and dedication

Dan and his team are fantastic. I am in the early stages of real estate investing and knew this was the right team to hitch my wagon to for the growth I want. Knowledge, experience and dedication are obviously traits you get with Dan. Highly recommend.

Nicholas Moore
Home Owner

Never been vacant

Polaris is the bomb!!! My rental has never been vacant and their personal and professional one on one attention is second to none! I would highly recommend them!

Terri Pryor-Young
Home Owner

Protects your investment

Looking for a solid and dependable management company that protects your investment and operates with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism? Then look at Polaris Property Management and get to know Dan Baldini. He’s widely regarded throughout the Indianapolis real estate community as the best in the business. There’s a reason why he’s a guiding star in the complex world of real estate management: because he’s very, very good at protecting your investments, finding the right tenants and managing your property with the highest caliber of duty and care. Want the best in the biz? Then call Dan!

Miriam Yamour Odegard

Fixed quickly and professionally

Love working with Dan and Polaris. When a problem happens with my rental property, it’s fixed quickly and professionally.

Brenda Glass Kowinski
Home Owner

High quality and responsible tenants

I have been working with Dan since 2008, in that time Dan has helped me negotiate a purchase agreement, he has leased my main house 3 times and has leased my townhouse. I think the longest turn around time I had when placing tenants was 9 days. Each family has been high quality and responsible tenants. I can not thank Dan and his team enough for their services!

Carrie Smidt
WonderBotz LLP

Never once had the unit empty

Since Dan took over the property management for my investment property, I have never once had the unity empty causing me to pay the mortgage. His ability to keep my town-home filled with highly qualified and respectful tenants is simply amazing. I would not trust anyone else with my business.

Kristen Cavallo
Home Owner

Trust and concern

Dan is not only the most qualified and experienced professional within the field of property management, but his commitment to excellence and integrity have earned him a high degree of respect from his colleagues and peers. It is a pleasure to be able to refer clients to him knowing that he will give them the utmost in quality service and provide them with a trust and concern for their properties that is rare in this industry.

Becky Blossom
Real Estate Consultant

Great customer service

Van Horn Ventures is a customer of the Polaris Property Management. Integrity, professionalism, cleanliness and attentive are some of the top items my company requires and Dan’s team delivers! Keep up the great customer service.

Soraya Van Horn
Van Horn Ventures

Quick to respond… very informative

Polaris Property Management is the best in the business! Dan and his team are quick to respond, knowledgeable, and very informative. As a Realtor, I would recommend my clients wishing to lease directly to Dan and his team. He is hands down the best property manager in town!

Tiffany Lockhart

They care about their tenants

Dan and his team are some of the best property managers I’ve experienced. They care about their tenants and are extremely easy to work with. I would recommend doing business with their team time and time again.

Casey Mers

Stress free… Found quality tenants

Polaris Real Estate and the Managing Broker, Dan Baldini, have managed an investment property for us for four years now. It has been about as stress free as is possible and Dan has always found quality tenants who care for our real estate and consistently meet their financial obligations. The contracts he uses are well thought out and comprehensive. Communication is certainly better than average. Dan will always return your call or ensure that someone from his office does as soon as possible. His rates are reasonable and Dan really tries to work out issues without having too much expense. Overall, he does a really good job. We have considered managing the property ourselves, but continue to hire Dan because delivers quality consistently.

Amy Wakefield
Home Owner

Keeping a well maintained, safe home is vital to your investment journey and to your reputation in the property industry.


Polaris Property Management provides award-winning service for landlords who have figured out they have better things to do with their time than babysit all the thousands of details and issues which come with tenants and rental properties.


Polaris Real Estate Group, Inc. has a unique and proven system in place to expose your rental property to qualified tenants. Listed on over 96 websites including our local MLS and REALTOR.COM at no extra charge, we consistently fill more properties than any other brokerage company in Central Indiana.

As a top-ranked Indianapolis broker for residential leasing services (consistently ranked in top 4 of all 7,500+ MIBOR agents for rental volume closed each year), our team will locate that well-qualified tenant for your property. This is our specialty and we do it so well that other Indianapolis area MIBOR agents refer their Clients to our company!

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Some of the features of our service include:

  • Electronic lease signing
  • Private & Secure online document storage and Real Time Property Status Access
  • Coordination of Move-In and Move-Out appointments
  • Quarterly property audits—No extra charge!
  • In-house Maintenance Staff to keep repair costs low and quality of repairs high
  • Assigned Property Manager available 7 days a week
  • Electronic payments to you monthly
  • Detailed Owner Statements emailed to you monthly
  • Coordination of lease renewals/extensions
  • Make Ready of properties in between Tenants



  • Establish what is motivating you to invest
  • What kind of properties are you interested in investing in? It is important to research the key areas that are in demand and where there may be opportunities available.


  • Examine the property and its potential: which properties offer the most room for growth and profit?
  • Factor in important details such as: maintenance, repair, and business fees attached to the property. Payment terms, loans and interest will also affect the total amount you need to spend to secure your investment.


Property Management Services:

  • One-time On-boarding Fee – $300
  • 10% of Gross Monthly Rent Collected, minimum of $100 per month
  • Reserve Maintenance Fund – $500

Leasing Services:

  • One-time On-boarding Fee – $275
  • Leasing Commission – Equal to one month’s rent, or at least $1,200

*We do not, unfortunately, provide leasing services for rentals under $1,000/month. If your rental is under this price point, we can possibly refer you to a different company – just ask!*

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