There are a LOT of real estate investors selling their properties this year.

Prices at all time highs.

Buyers tripping over each other with ludicrous offers, regardless of the home’s condition or the cash flow projections.

All of which begs the question:  “Should you sell your rental, too?” 

The answer is not as clear as a crystal vase.  In fact, it’s muddier than the Mississippi River after a rain storm.

Charlie’s sage advice brings clarity to this situation.

“The 1st Rule of Compounding:  Never interrupt it unnecessarily.”

Charles Munger

Think about it for a minute.

He might have a point.

Dan Baldini, MBA

Polaris Property Management




P.S.  Having trouble making a decision to keep or sell?  There’s analytical tools for precisely this exercise.  Send an email to chat about it or schedule an appointment.  It might be the smartest thing you did today.