“It’s not as bad as all the talking heads predicted…”

In fact, April and May rent roll collections were both excellent–both months held at over 97% of receivables.

Yup. Over 97% of our tenants paid their rent.  The world may have slowed down these past 70 days, but it never stopped spinning.

Want another shocker to think about?

Lease Renewal rates are also stable. In most cases, small 3% bumps are being secured by Landlords, too.  Certainly not the jaw-dropping ugly scenario many were predicting.

At the end of the day, housing is not a discretionary purchase–everyone needs a place to lay their heads at night.

So…..get back to focusing on what you do best–working on your Financial Freedom.

If you feel lost, drowning in data points, desperate for fresh air, we’re here to throw you that life line.

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Dan Baldini

Executive Property Manager