Serendipity is a wicked, wicked instructor when we listen to her lessons.

In July 2019–almost a year ago–I wrote this article after returning from vacation. Please read the article then come back to this email. Trust me–it will make more sense.

“This dispatch is to be considered a war warning…”

We are now in a different war with an unknown outcome. There are casualties. There will be more.

The title for this week’s email “Does It Hurt?” may seem a bit cold. Uncaring. Brash.

It is all of those. And more.

Our bodies are amazing machines with sensory organs. Sight, smell, touch, hearing, and detection of pain. Pain is essential for living. Without the ability to sense pain, we cannot understand when things have gone badly and are about to go worse.

If you can feel pain, it means you’re still alive. It means you have choices.

In real estate speak, if your rental property operation is feeling painful, it means there are choices to be made.

Asking “Does it Hurt” is needed to diagnose if the pain is bad enough to make a new decision for a better outcome.

Asking “Does it Still Hurt” is needed to diagnose if the new decision has solved the problem.

So ask yourself–Will you behave like Nimitz, Kimmel, or Short?

For me, I choose Nimitz.

It’s the best way our expertise can help you reach your goal of financial freedom.

Here’s to your continued pursuit of Financial Freedom.






P.S.  If you need help asking the tough questions, that’s precisely our expertise….and helping you find the smart answers.  We’re here to help you choose your outcome.