The old saying “Being a Landlord is easy if it wasn’t for the Tenants and Repairs” needs an addendum.

It should also include “if it wasn’t for the Indianapolis City Council”, too.

Effective July 1, 2020, housing providers must have on file a signed Tenant’s Rights acknowledgement form.  Here’s the link to the form, offered in various languages.  Here’s the form in English to download and use.

What happens if you send this to your Tenants and they refuse to sign and return it to you?

Good question–nobody knows.

What happens if you get audited and don’t have the Tenant’s signature on it, but you have proof you attempted to send it to the Tenant’s?

Good question–nobody knows.

Nobody on the City Council or the agency tasked to enforce this new seems to care to give any guidance on these very serious operational questions.

But “you must comply.”

Failure to comply means Draconian legal and financial penalties for housing providers.

At least we have Meatless Mondays, courtesy of these elected officials.