Providing comfortable housing for happy tenants is a paramount priority for the Polaris team. As your chosen property management company in Indianapolis, we make no mistake in knowing that you have trusted us to provide such a service. As grandad would say, you’re our “bread and butter.” Because of that, we try to pass along as much practical, money-saving info as we can. With 2019 in the rear-view mirror, we want to preserve the BEST Polaris blog posts from last year.

Top 3 Polaris Blogs for Tenants:

Our property managers assembled to lock down 3 tips to save our tenants’ hard-earned income. Take it from us – we’ve observed this go both ways. Those that follow these steps save money, and those that ignore these tips are risking the costly bills that could be avoided.

Common trust vs vulnerability trust. As I said earlier, we are honored and humbled to have earned your trust as tenants. Difficult to earn, and even harder to keep. This blog serves as an excellent reminder of our responsibilities to both our tenants and Landlords, and that we all play unique, yet equally important, roles for each other.

It’s simply cool when lessons found in history can be applied seamlessly to modern issues. It feels almost like a head start, or maybe it’s just being resourceful. This blog unpacks some personality traits of the famous Wright brother and how it impacted their success, including relentless focus, precision, and financial savviness.

We are proud of the tips, information, and content put together for you all in 2019, and look forward to keeping it coming in 2020!

PS – The Polaris team would like to thank you all once again. Earning a spot as one of the Best Property Management Companies in Indianapolis was a massive honor. We are truly humbled and committed to keeping that momentum moving forward.

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