An optimistic gaze into 2020 and the future beyond is always a great step toward growth, both personally and professionally. BUT, for that growth to happen we must take a deep breath and review. Celebrate successes, analyze growth, and check out Polaris’s BEST blog posts from 2019.

Top 3 Polaris Blogs for Realtors:

It’s simply cool when lessons found in history can be applied seamlessly to modern issues. It feels almost like a head start, or maybe it’s just being resourceful. This blog unpacks some personality traits of the famous Wright brother and how it impacted their success, including relentless focus, precision, and financial savviness.

No, unfortunately this is not a time-travel tutorial out of a sci-fi flick. Mastering this practice will not only add time into your schedule, but it also serves as a guide to deciding which tasks can either be delegated or eliminated completely. This is a game-changer.

If you need a little motivation today, this blog will light a fire under your seat like no other. We chose this new artwork for our office for a reason – everything worth value in life must be earned. It will not be handed over, misplaced, won in a lottery, etc. These pieces embody the Polaris Guiding Stars and serve as a daily reminder for our team to go out there and get after it.

We are proud of the tips, information, and content put together for you all in 2019, and look forward to keeping it coming in 2020!

PS – The Polaris team would like to thank you all once again. Earning a spot as one of the Best Property Management Companies in Indianapolis was a massive honor. We are truly humbled and committed to keeping that momentum moving forward.

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