We require innovation from our teams and always find ways to simplify.

Simple in theory, this Guiding Star requires effort on every level to execute our roles effectively. A strong team is a compilation of motivated individuals that are strategically placed to produce the most value for our Landlords, tenants, and Vendors.

Starting on the first day of a new Polaris team member, they are trained and educated on each position and how each employee’s responsibilities and tasks operate within our systems. With full situational awareness and comfortability in their new role, now the mental real estate is available to focus on which areas can either be innovated or simplified.

Especially as new technologies emerge, we can always search for opportunities to innovate. Our field technicians are always researching and learning new skills that lead to better management of our Landlords’ properties. The more skills they can develop means more repairs completed in less time, as well as their ability to problem solve and adapt to any situation. Not to mention, more time between maintenance orders to communicate with tenants. Happier tenants for a Landlord equal less vacancy and more revenue being earned by their rental property each year.

Of course, this Guiding Star is not limited to our field staff. Because we have put systems in place to optimize our team’s efforts, every team member has the time and energy to innovate or simplify for a more efficient, and more effective, work flow. Think back to Guiding Star #1… Simplifying does not mean running away with whatever method will get the job done the fastest. It means trimming the unnecessary fat to reveal the core problem so it can be address and simplified. It means focusing on innovation without sacrificing long-term value.

This is not just something that is encouraged. It is required to be a successful team member.


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