Have you been hearing about social media’s effect on attention span and how we have devolved into zombified smart phone users? Well, its true. The good news is that it might not be so bad after all…

I get it. Everywhere you go, folks are staring at their phones in the street, watching concerts through a touch screen, or getting lost the second Google Maps goes down. Millennials have grown up along with a new wave of technology and thus have the attention span of a goldfish… Or, do they? And can we leverage social media to engage home buyers of various ages?

As a guest on a podcast, Brant Pinvidic, a TV executive turned public speaker, was talking about his new book, “3 minutes or less.” He is a master of the “pitch.” Unsurprisingly, Pinvidic proposed that you must be able to capture your audience’s attention, illustrate value, and create engagement in 3 minutes or less. He expands on his observations to note that social media actually hasn’t decreased our attention spans at all.

Yes, our attention spans are shorter than a goldfish (8.2 seconds for humans on average – Statistic Brain). BUT he states its really because we can focus more intensely and efficiently than ever before. What he’s noticed is that no one will let you sell them anything nowadays. People are too cautious and have access to more information than ever before. The old-fashioned, Hollywood approach of starting with a big promise and then “proving” it stopped working for Pinvidic. His new strategy is to “give and lead.” He provides his audience with all of the information they need to know and leads them to the best decision. (Sound familiar, Realtors?)

Essentially, we’ve grown to start thinking, “I’m paying attention to you, and you better have something I want.” We haven’t lost our ability to listen and pay attention to each other. We’ve just realized, largely by use of the internet, that there are a million and two awesome “things” fighting for our undivided attention and our time is simply too valuable to waste on unnecessary stimuli.

So, how does this apply to our lives? I mean, most of us aren’t pitching billion-dollar TV ideas to a room full of billionaires in NYC. BUT that doesn’t make our time, or our customer’s time, any less valuable. Put into practice the process of researching, providing information to your Client, and leading them to a decision. Reconsider your approach if you notice your audience has completely lost interest in your pitch/sale. If you got them in the room, you had their interest at one point in time. Locate where that loss of interest occurred and edit accordingly.

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