Ahhh, New Year’s Day is here. Bring on the motivational quotes and the wave of folks at the gym who won’t be there come February. Big-time resolutions are great for figuring out your long-term goals, but maybe not the best strategy for reaching those goals. We’ve compiled a list of small, but mighty, resolutions for 2020 that you can start TODAY!

Here’s a list of “krill” goals for you to feast on while you build up to the whales:

  • Find one time-consuming task you can automate. Setting automatic rent payments online is a great start.
  • Don’t start with a monumental fitness goal. It’s totally possible, but those are usually big, hairy goals. Start 2020 with the goal to research which gyms are close to you, maybe find a fitness trainer that fits your needs, or purchase a re-usable water bottle.
  • Meal prep before the work week – a double whammy. Saves you TONS of time and makes it more convenient to eat healthy during the week. The weekend is free game. 😊
  • Learn a new, more efficient route to work/school/etc.
  • Not looking forward to spring cleaning? Tackle 1-2 rooms each day to tidy up. After one week, you’ll have reached your goal.

Now, you may be thinking, “Look, I have bigger fish to fry this year. Big things need to happen.” Think of your big-idea, long-term goal as a blue whale, the largest animal on Earth. As you may know, blue whales survive mainly by eating krill, which are tiny ocean creatures, and it takes about 2,200 lbs. of them to fill a whale’s stomach once. (NOAA Fisheries) That whale will never reach its full size without years and years of eating krill. Think of those krill as small steps that lead to long-term goals being met. Cause and effect. (Now, those “krill” goals can be broken down even further, but I’ll wait until you’ve had more coffee to go down that path.)

Rather than logging in every single month to make payments, simply set up auto pay in the Tenant Web Access portal.

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