Well… Summer has finally ended. With frost right around the corner, we mourn the fact that our homes will no longer be the perfect temperature by simply opening the windows and brace ourselves for the future heating bills. Don’t worry, Polaris Property Management has your back and we’ve rounded up some great money saving tips for heating your home this winter.

The best ways to keep that cost down and stay comfortable

There’s one tip that almost everyone agrees on… keep your heat as low as possible during the day and then decrease it an additional 7 – 10 degrees during the 8 hours you are sleeping. This alone will save you approx. 10% on your monthly heat bill. With new technology like smart thermostats, you can even program your settings to increase temperature right before you wake up.

Another factor is how you heat your home… duh! According to our trusted HVAC vendors, you can save up to 15% on heating if you replace your furnace filter each month.  Not only can a dirty filter cause long-term damage to your system, but it will have to work harder, run longer, and certainly use more energy to heat your home.

In addition, there are also many small things you can do this month that will set you up for more cost-efficient heating:

  • Check windows/doors for proper sealing
  • Make sure all your heat vents are open and not covered by furniture
  • Use the sun! Keep curtains and blinds open on south-facing windows during the day
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure the damper is closed when there is no fire

Of course, there are many other factors that lead to higher utility costs in the winter (light decorations, more time spent at home, etc.), but adding just a handful of these tips to your pre-winter checklist will make a big difference in the long run.

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