Today is a day that will go down in history. Today is a day that could change your life forever. Today is the ground-shaking day you become a time multiplier. The term coined by Rory Vaden is defined as a person who finds the most important task that will either eliminate or automate future tasks. Seriously, who wouldn’t like more time in the day for other important tasks, chores, or relaxing and enjoying more time with your friends/family?

Think about all those monthly tasks that may only take 30 minutes of your time, every 30 days or so. If you can spend an extra hour automating that task right now, then by one year you will have saved 6 hours by multiplying those 30 minutes you saved every month! Now, instead of spending 6 hours per year just to pay one stinking light bill each month, invest that time doing something you love, something that makes you happy, something that multiplies even more free time in the future.

Becoming a time multiplier

It sounds like one of those big-picture ideas that has no path to completion, but Vaden has laid out the 4 questions that every time multiplier poses to each task on their to-do lists:

  1. Can this task be eliminated?
  2. If I can’t eliminate it, can I automate it?
  3. Can this task be delegated?
  4. Should I do this task now, or can it be done later?

Now that you’re part of the elite time multipliers group, a flood of ideas is probably coming to mind. What future tasks you can eliminate/automate? Paying rent each month falls directly under that category. Can this task be eliminated? No. Can it be automated? Yes. Can it be delegated? No. Should it be done now? Yes.

Rather than logging in every single month to make payments, simply set up auto pay in the Tenant Web Access portal. You will have automated another task and eliminated another stress factor completely. Not to mention, using autopay rules out the potential late fee that may incur if “life happens” and you miss your payment deadline. Now, you can completely forget about remembering your login, setting reminders every month, and late fees.

Interested in learning more, click here for the full TEDx Talks video of Vaden explaining this concept.

Photo credit: Matt McCormick