I get questions about saving and “finding” money often. Here are some easy money saving tips you can easily do this month.

Change your air filters. 

It sounds like such a simple thing to do–change the air filter routinely–and it is.  But the results are substantial–you can save 5-15% on your monthly electric and gas bills!  That’s better than smoothing out a wadded up $20 bill in the pocket of your favorite pair of jeans!  It’s money you find every month for taking just three minutes to swap out your filters.  And since they can be shipped to your doorstep, no reason not to use them.

Increase your credit score.

When your credit score isn’t optimal, it can negatively impact more than just your interest rate on large purchases like mortgages and car loans.  In fact, low credit scores can impact cause you to pay higher security deposits to utility companies, higher interest rates on credit card debt, and even higher health insurance premiums!  One of the simplest things you can do is enroll in the monthly credit reporting option–every time you pay your rent, that payment gets reported to 2 of the 3 credit bureaus!  It’s that simple and can be that effective!  Email me to sign up today for this unique program!

Put a door key back on your key chain.

“Smart locks.”  “Video door bells.” “Key less garage door entry pads.” They’re all the rage now.  All the “cool kids” have them on their houses.  But you know what’s even smarter than these smart devices?  Putting an old fashioned metal door key on your key chain.  All the fancy electronic locks and keypads are great–until the electricity gets knocked out by a storm or a neighbor digging where he shouldn’t be digging.  Then you’re S-O-L.  Even if the electricity doesn’t go down, motors on garage door openers and springs break, batteries die, and you’re still S-O-L.  So you’re locked out of your own house with two options:  wait for the electricity to come back on or call a locksmith.  The latter will run you $250+.  Ouch.  Skip that expensive lesson and slip a key onto your key chain.

Do you have any easy money saving (or “finding”) tips? Leave me a comment!