“You’re SUCH a CHILD!”

We’ve all said this to another adult in our lives at one point or another.  Sometimes in a humorous mood, sometimes not so much. I’m often asked why some folks have more success in saving money or in real estate investing than other folks.  It’s a difficult question to answer just ‘off the cuff” with a short snarky response, but nevertheless the answer always boils down to this simple response:

Behavioral patterns

We all know those individuals who were born with silver spoons in their mouths and end up as penniless, bankrupt adults.  We also all know those born without two nickels to rub together who become fabulously wealthy and successful.  The difference is traceable back to their behavioral patterns.

Until I read this recent WSJ article, what I personally didn’t know is just how early these patterns are learned by children.  Holy Smokes Batman!!!

If you have children, read this article

If you don’t have children, still read this article as it might give you insight into your own behavioral patterns.

If you know some “adult” children who SHOULD read this article, well….feel free to share it with them, too.  They’ll thank you for it, eventually.

Here’s to your Financial Freedom!

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