You’re correct.  It’s not tax time yet, so unclench those teeth, drop the shoulders, and put away the alcohol of choice.  You have another 3 months….

Yet, with that said, it’s never too early to start planning for that most favorite time of year and with the recent tax law changes in 2018, you’d do well to start early.  According to this recent WSJ article:

“Readers may be surprised by a few tax-law changes enacted late last year that have received relatively little attention. Tax advisers say the new law is packed with so many important and often complex changes that many people would be well-advised to take a fresh look at their withholdings, estimated taxes or both before 2019 arrives in less than four months.”

I know you’re thinking ‘UGH!!!’

Me, too.

But….we both know the right thing to do is schedule an appointment with our tax advisor or to sit down at the computer and spin up our tax software to run what-if scenarios this month instead of, gulp, procrastinating.

As Brian Tracy says, “Eat that Frog.”

I’ll be taking mine with some garlic butter to help it go down easier….and by garlic butter, I mean bourbon.

Here’s to your continued financial freedom!

Dan Baldini