{Warning: This might be my shortest blog post ever.}

Q: Should you pay your rent, or allow your tenants to pay rent, using Bitcoin?

A: Short Answer. No.

Here are a few of our reasons why we do not believe you should accept Bitcoin for rent payments:

  1. Bitcoin is volatile. See what Forbes has to say about its volatility.
  2. Bitcoin is risky. Bloomberg states that roughly only 1000 people own 40% of the market share of bitcoin — it wouldn’t take much to rock that market.
  3. Bitcoin is not secure. Currently, it is not insured by FDIC (unlike putting money into a bank account) and it is untraceable. Good luck finding your money when whatever Bitcoin app you use gets hacked.

But some landlords are and do.  If you care to wrap your head around this issue, continue reading.

If we still need to chat more about why my recommended answer is a single two letter word, please let me know.  🙂

Here’s to your Financial Freedom!

Dan Baldini