firefighterApril 19–we saw it on TV and read about it in the newspapers the following morning.

This photograph came to symbolize the grief in our collective hearts.

20 years has passed, but I wonder if firefighter Chris Fields re-lives the nightmare of carrying Baylee Almon out of the rubble, only to have her tiny body give up its last breath a few hours later.

I wonder how many Indianapolis firefighters battle their own nightmares after each alarm call of a baby dumped in trash bins, most found already dead.

Fortunately, the State of Indiana is on the verge of passing new legislation to strengthen the current Safe Haven Law to include Baby Boxes located at qualified buildings with charity organizations.

Here’s a short article about this push:

What’s this have to do with real estate?  Not much I guess….

We’re just excited that very soon, firefighters will have better memories on their next emergency run to come pick up a baby given up by someone.

This time the baby has a fighting chance.  And the firefighter can go back to the firehouse smiling knowing his duty is done.