Mibor elections and Rifle Shooting Merit Badges–more in common than you may at first think. New ideas often get turbulent resistance when first proposed….

When my oldest son crossed over from Webelos to Boy Scouts, I stepped into the role as one of our troop’s Assistant Scoutmasters.  A good friend of mine with a son in the troop signed up, too. (I was once a scrawny lad who also grew up with Scouting and was fortunate enough to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.  So, it is indeed wickedly cool to come back to the program as an adult leader.)

Well, it didn’t take my buddy and I very long to realize an opportunity to augment the young men’s experience in Scouting with a unique opportunity–to earn their Rifle Shooting merit badge.  Only one big problem–summer camp is where this is typically taught and it is always PACKED with boys who ALL want to shoot!  It’s one of the most popular merit badges offered, so the sessions are jammed making trigger time minimal, and almost impossible to earn the marksmanship portion.


Solution:  Let’s host a troop outing in April for our own Rifle Shooting merit badge weekend.  All to ourselves.

(He and I are both NRA Certified Rifle Instructors and RSO’s–Range Safety Officers–so we know a little bit about the topic…)

However, some of the initial reaction from some of the other adults about our idea was less than enthusiastic.

“We’ve never done anything like this.”

“Does our insurance cover any accidents?”

“How do we get the rifles and ammo?”

“Who is going to teach it?”

“Where will it be held since we can’t bring guns and bullets to the school cafeteria where we meet each week.”

All great questions and all solved–with creative thinking and team work and keeping our eyes on the prize.

Well, the event was a huge success. We got all 13 boys (those old enough to participate) through the teaching portions and all 13 boys got to shoot over 1,500 rounds of 22 LR over a span of 6 hours of uninterrupted time on the range. We even had one of the Scout’s mom take the entire class so she could learn how to shoot a rifle!

It was a hoot. And will likely become an annual Spring event at Camp Ransburg. Thirteen young men now have a healthy respect for firearms, how to properly load and shoot them, how to properly clean them, and how to comply with the State and Federal laws. Yep…responsible citizens in the making. And leaders.

Which brings me back to real estate and MIBOR’s upcoming election. Just like this Boy Scout troop, new ideas are swirling around Mibor and our industry.  Whether it’s the Zillow/Trulia merger, agent rating platforms, legal wranglings with local politicians or new technology, our industry is changing fast.

To find the best solutions to these problems and challenges will take a dedicated group of creative leaders.  And those leaders will need a healthy amount of intestinal fortitude (aka “guts”) to stay focused on the prize and not get lost in the dark forest of questions and naysayers.  Most of all, it will require you to vote for those uniquely qualified individuals to join Your Board of Directors.

Please vote later this month for the candidates who have volunteered to step into the breach on your behalf.

I make one humble prediction for you here and now:  As long as you elect the best individuals for your Board of Directors, you will have an absolute hoot of a time witnessing the continued success of both the industry we love as well as your own continued personal success.

Thank you in advance for your support of my candidacy for this election.

Your servant leader,
Dan Baldini
Polaris Real Estate

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