puppy 2We crave it like a puppy craves your love.

We expect it in exchange for our money.  We get honked off when we don’t get it in a transaction.  And we post stories of our excitement on FB/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+ when we experience it.

It’s hard to define….but you know it when you see it in action.

MIBOR, as our trade association, must keep delivering on our expectations of getting value for our money, time, and most of all, our trust.  But it’s ability to keep honoring that promise is challenged by market forces on a scope and scale never before seen.  In addition, the very definition of what constitutes ‘value’ is in flux, too.  Such is our industry….certainly never boring or predictable!

As Jim Collins wrote in his book Good to Great, for any company or organization to survive and thrive in turbulent times requires getting the ‘right people on the bus, then putting those right people in the right seats on the bus’.  Otherwise, the bus runs off the road or travels in the wrong direction.good to great

In a few short weeks, you will receive an email from MIBOR with instructions on how to vote for new Directors for MIBOR—this is your chance to select who gets on the bus.  This is your chance to make sure the value keeps flowing to you.  Please take a moment to review each candidate’s background, their accomplishments, and their vision for where MIBOR can assist you in surviving and thriving.

Voting is all electronic this year making it as simple as clicking a few mouse clicks…no paper ballots, no passwords to remember.  It’s as easy as hugging your puppy and nuzzling his nose with your nose.

Thank you for your time today.  And thank you for your trust.

Dan Baldini

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