If you’ve ever had to do verbal battle with a past tenant on damage, you’ll appreciate this story….

Polaris Property Management often gets assigned to take over properties from other management companies and the lack of information provided to us by the prior company or even the owner themselves leaves much to be desired, especially when it comes to the property condition.  It’s no wonder Landlords have a negative attitude when dealing with tenants as it’s tough for even the best-intentioned person to clearly remember if a carpet stain was in this room, or that room….

At BEST, we get iphone pictures of vacant rooms with the photo taken standing in the doorway.

At WORST, we get nothing.

1The BEST solution we have found is to combine both extensive color photography with a written report.

Here’s an example of a report on a property we have managed for years.  It has clear indications of the condition of each room and each room element–NO GUESSING a year later when the tenant moves out!

Even better, when the tenant DOES eventually move out, the comparison photos and text is on the same report!

Take a guess at how many times our Staff loses arguments with Tenants who are emphatic that they didn’t put that hole in the drywall….yup….zero.

2 Same report, different section.  Note this is a cute little 950 sq ft home BUT the report is 24 pages long!

Our Landlords and Investors absolutely LOVE this amount of detail, accuracy, and information–especially the out of state or out of country Investors.

Best part–there is no extra charge for these reports–they are FREE with our property management services.

So the next time you get text messages with still photos from your agent, ask yourself if you are getting what you paid for….

Or the next time you have to argue with your Tenant, remind yourself there is a better solution.

This is simply a single element of the many that Polaris Property Management provides for its Clients.

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