Tomorrow evening, citizens of Indianapolis will stand up and exercise their Right of Freedom of Speech.

Will you stand and be counted?

The Rules and Public Policy Committee of the Indianapolis City-County Council will hold a hearing Tuesday August 5th at 5:30 p.m. in Room 260 of the City-County Building on two proposals that will significantly impact rental property in Marion County.

Proposal 215 would amend the Human Relations ordinance to say an applicant cannot be screened on source of income. Among other issues, this would mandate landlord participation in the Section 8 federal program. Proposal 195 would require all landlords to register their contact information along with a list of all properties, pay a $5 annual fee, and verify they do not have unpaid taxes or un-remediated code violations. Failure to register would result in a $500 fine.

MIBOR Government Affairs staff will be at the meeting on August 5 to again testify in opposition of both of these proposals. Your urgent action is needed to help stop these measures.

Please contact Indianapolis City-County Councillors on the Rules and Public Policy Committee and ask them to vote NO. Please also consider attending the meeting on Tuesday.


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