It started with a conversation back in June….

Her: “Hey Baldini, did you know there’s a seat coming up for election in September for the MIBOR Board of Directors?”
Me:  “Nope, but I wish whoever is running good luck.”  {heavy amounts of sarcasm was used here…}
Her: “Why don’t you run for the position?”
Me:  “Me?  Are you <BLANKING> Crazy?  No way….I have my brokerage company to run, I’m already on the BLC Technology Committee, 3 kids, a wife….”
Me, again:  “And besides, I don’t think MIBOR staff would want me on their Board given I speak my mind quite strongly at times on subjects I’m passionate about, like the Landlord Registration ordinance & technology issues.”
Her: “That’s EXACTLY why you need to run.  The Board needs just those qualities–people who are thinkers and action makers, not a bunch of Yes-Men or Yes-Women who go along with the status quo.
They need Directors who can see where the industry is going and keep its members relevant to the consumers….decisions
{Her verbal berating of my hesitancy went on for longer than I care to describe here… was longer than a church service baptizing quintuplets}”
When she finally stopped talking…
Me:  “I hate you, you know that?”
Her:  “Yes, I know.  But YOU know I’m right.”
Me:  “You suck….ok, what’s involved?”

So, now that you know that I’m a Candidate for the Board position, keep watching for some upcoming posts on why She (and a few others) think I should be your next District 5 Director for MIBOR…
Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing this message with your friends.
Your servant leader,
Dan Baldini
Polaris Real Estate

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