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Since the launch of Polaris, a single strategy has been pursued with clarity:  Consistent and Reliable real estate services.

Almost a decade later, we still have work to do….but that’s fine with us since we ALWAYS have work to Deliver.

When you operate in complex situations like we do with unpredictable problems and challenges, the only constant is change.

Which is why we are always seeking to find good people to join us….our operating environment IS NOT for the faint at heart or those looking to punch a clock.  It’s damn hard work.   

We are always looking for people who are Actively seek to know what they don’t know…..

People who like to Design systems to make available all knowledge that relates to a problem to everyone in the organization…..

People who Learn in a quick and efficient manner…..

People who Aggressively avoid organizational hubris…..

People who can Train organizational staff to recognize and respond to system abnormalities…..

People who Empower staff to act…..

and People who Design redundant systems to catch problems early…..

Even if we don’t currently have a position open, there’s always room on our rope for a person with honor and these character traits….

Should we be talking with you?

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