skepticPolaris LOVES working with the true skeptical Clients….

A universal truth of running a ‘service business’ is the difficulty in winning over skeptical Clients of the value of your service.  In leasing and property management, we don’t build anything, we don’t manufacture anything.  The ‘deliverable’ is extremely difficult to measure sometimes with more moving balls in the air than Ringling Bros on Main Street.

But it is a breath of fresh air each time we receive an acknowledgment like this one from Caroline Stevenson.  She and Ben originally entrusted their personal home to our services when the Indianapolis for sale market was so bad a few years ago.  Then, they enjoyed the experience so much, they decided to purchase a 2nd property as a dedicated investment property.  Quite the 180!

Here’s her comments (published with her permission, of course…).  Her email was in response to our informing them that the tenant we secured a year ago has agreed to renew their lease.  So, Caroline and Ben will have 24 months of zero vacancy expense and zero make ready expense.

“It wouldn’t have been awful news to hear the tenants weren’t re-signing, but it was a thumbs up from me. 

A few years ago when the housing market was bad, it was extremely uncomfortable to carry two mortgages.  Plus it just felt wasteful.  Using your company to rent turned lemons into lemonade, and even a decent vehicle to build equity in a house.

Thanks.  Ben was initially reluctant to work with someone recommended by a friend, but I stick to my story that if you aren’t working with your friends, aren’t you working with your enemies? 

Caroline Stevenson”

Whether you are a dedicated investor or a Sell-Lord like Ben and Caroline, Polaris can probably help you out.  Should we be chatting with you today so you can type out a similar email a year from now?


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