jelloThe recent passing of Indianapolis’ new Landlord Registration requirement reminds me of the funny but sad metaphor of trying to nail Jello to a wall….it’s a mess.

No matter the logical arguments proposed by trade organizations against it–the elected officials passed this bad legislation.

No matter that the sponsors of the bill could not demonstrate or even define the scope of the problem–they pushed this bad legislation.

No matter the viable alternatives to fixing the current system offered–they pushed this bad legislation.

No matter that it is a complete duplication of other government efforts already in place–they pushed this bad legislation.

Thank you to everyone who tried their very best to enlighten the council members on the idiocy of this legislation, who educated themselves to come to the defense of property rights, and who got into the fight.  Unfortunately, the government overreach into stripping away your property rights continues and more challenges will come from opening this Pandora’s box.

For a copy of the full ordinance, click here

I’ll be monitoring how this entire new government boondoggle rolls out in the final few months leading up to the January 1, 2015 deadline and will update everyone as the forms and applications come out from the Department of Code Enforcement.

Until then, enjoy your Jello. 





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