If you’re like me, occasionally you slam into that wall where it’s hard to describe to folks what exactly makes your company’s services or products different AND BETTER than competitors.

I call this “being inside the pickle jar trying to read the label”.  But there is a way to air-pop the jar lid and land on the countertop to read the label again.  The Solution:  Ask your Clients long time Clients.  So we asked this week.  Renee and her husband have 3 properties under our management and leasing services:

“Dan–One of your biggest selling points in my opinion is your proactive approaches to keeping the money flowing and having a great ROI not just on a month to month basis, but also in property appreciation.

Many cheap property managers do the cheapest possible fixes, devaluing the property and leading to tenant turnover and long periods of vacancy.  Y’all do reasonably priced repairs and are extremely proactive about lining up the next tenant to bring vacancy to near zero. 

This is where you turn your higher up front cost into money in the landlord’s pocket.  Most property managers get notice and don’t do anything about filling the property until it is empty, resulting in weeks of vacancy between tenants.”

Thanks for helping us get out of the brine water, Renee.

If Polaris Property Management can assist you or your Investor Clients who have their eyes focused farther down the road than just “How much do you charge?” we’d enjoy the opportunity to provide the same complete service that Renee and her husband have come to appreciate.

Call or click–317-714-0365 or dan@polarismanage.com.