INVESTORS and LANDLORDS: I presented this slide last Thursday to a large group of real estate investors at the Central Indiana Reia monthly meeting….

A small glimmer of hope is getting raised with the State lawmakers on protecting the ‘bundle of rights’ of property owners within Indiana.

Bill History Report

HB1313-Regulation of residential leases.

Recent Actions

Date Action

02/25/2013: H: Referred to the Senate

Digest: Provides that a political subdivision may not adopt a regulation after February 28, 2012 relating to landlord and tenant relations, rental agreement, or real property subject to a rental agreement that:

(1) requires an owner or landlord to be licensed or to obtain a permit from the political subdivision to leas a rental unit;

(2) (2) requires an owner or landlord to enroll or participate in a class or government program as a condition for leasing a rental unit;

(3) or (3) imposes a fee or other assessment for inspection of a rental unit, registration of an owner, landlord, or rental unit, or for any other purpose other than a fee relating to the construction of a rental unit, such as a building permit fee. Provides that this prohibition expires July 1, 2014.