If you recognize this card, you’ve either been a Boy Scout or had a child in Scouting. Before any Scout can use or even carry a pocketknife, he Scout must learn how to safely use each tool so he doesn’t end up injuring himself….or others near him.


Yeah, the Boy Scouts have discovered something here that works….applied knowledge.
Boy Scouts respect the awesome power in a simple pocket knife to whittle, carve, or make an implement necessary to survive. They also know which tool to use in a situation….a hatchet for one job is better than a saw for another. But if there’s any question or confusion, there’s always a helpful Scout Leader nearby….

Like experienced Boy Scouts, I’ve found over the years that experienced Real Estate Investors also know how to use tools safely and responsibly. They know how to properly complete risk profiles on their tenants and a thorough lease agreement, etc….

They also value access to experienced Leaders who gladly assist in solving those unique problems so they don’t end up with needing to break out the First Aid kit.

If you are a Landlord who has not earned your real estate Totin’ Chip card please

make it a point to acquire that applied knowledge soon. It’s sooooo much more funwhen you have the right tools and knowledge…and make more money!

If you need help, there’s always a helpful Scout Leader nearby to assist you.


Dan Baldini

Scout Leader to Investors