Your teeth and your furnace/air conditioner are similar… each need check-ups twice a year to keep “chomping away”!

It is highly recommended you have your furnace cleaned every year.  The older your furnace is, the more important it is to have this done.  Older furnaces do not have a mechanism that makes the furnace shut off when there is a problem; the newer gas furnaces are usually equipped with them.  With an older furnace, over time small cracks, that are not visible to the eye, can form in the combustion chamber.  Through these cracks carbon monoxide can leak into your home.

Changing your furnace filter regularly is also very important.  A clean filter will help your furnace burn more efficiently and will cut down the dust being circulated through your home.

The air conditioner is a very tough piece of equipment in your house.  It is made to hold up to all sorts of abuse and keep chugging along.  Marvelous, right?  Not so much.  This usually means homeowners do not keep up on their regular maintenance.  To run properly, regular tune-ups are needed.  Air conditioners lose about 5% of their original efficiency for each year of operation without regular maintenance.  Most of the lost efficiency can be recovered by regular maintenance which is good news!

When you have an annual tune-up, the cost is recovered quickly on your electric bills and reduced repair costs. With regular maintenance and tune-ups a unit can maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency.

So when the time rolls around to get your teeth cleaned, go ahead and schedule maintenance on your heating and cooling system… maintenance is the key!