You’ve lived through this moment.

Gather human beings into a group, charge them a specific purpose, and sure as monkeys begin howling at the zoo someone proposes creation of a “form” or a “checklist” to keep the operation focused.  That form gets printed 4,600 times and distributed to everyone to use in the group.

And, without fail, the form, Ahem, Sucks.  And again, without fail, people keep using it.

Polaris Property Management doesn’t print forms except as needed by the person who uses them.

We can’t–We change the damn forms more often than the monkeys in Washington change their minds (which by the way, is called a Congress).

We keep finding  better ways to push information to our Owners…form change.

We keep testing  cheaper ways to fix something for our Owners….form change.

We keep discovering new methods of tracking assets….form change.

All these changes are based on the push, push, push for better results for our Owners.

I am thinking, however, of another change needed.  This one is for my business card.