The most unpredictable part of my day is when the wifey asks me each evening:  “How was your day?”  I never know what the answer will be…that’s what makes it fun.  Here’s a sample of what I consider ‘fun’…


{Background:  As you may know, Polaris Real Estate is the largest leasing brokerage firm in Indianapolis for residential leasing with 271 closed transaction sides for 2012. (ADA moment:  Did I mention the outstanding staff  that work with me?  Thank God I own the company—not sure I could get hired there today if I didn’t.) 

Ok.  Back to the background  of the story.  Part of our leasing process entails processing and reviewing extensive background checks on each adult who will be occupying the property.  These include lots of things like credit scores, criminal backgrounds, OFAC (if you don’t know what this is, Google it, but be prepared to cringe…yes, I’ve had 2 individuals show up on this list.  DHS was called immediately), and Sex Offender backgrounds.}


We get lots of ‘fun’ findings.  I’m sharing with you some screen shots of an application from November that’s a perfect example of why we are so scrupulous and detailed in our methodology.

This person applied to lease a townhome we represent…very nice hardwood floors, granite countertops, the whole ball of wax, right.  It’s not in Da Ghetto.

Let’s go through it, shall we?

Good income of $4,300.  Even substantiated with paystubs from her job. (Lord help her employer….)

  1. Applicant score, according to what she entered on the application, indicates a score of 99 out of 100.  Coolio!
  2. Oh-oh.  I rejected her. Big meanie Dan! Read on for more “fun”


Now that’s weird….how can a person have No Credit on file?  Surely Polaris Real Estate can’t be the ONLY creditor doing a credit report on this person—EVER!??  (She’s in her late 40’s.)





If you haven’t guessed the answer yet, it’s simple:  This person is a fraud.  She has created an identity that consists of a name, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth from different people and combined them into one new person.

My Landlord Client dodged a major bullet because we are PITA’s on our rental application process.  Can you imagine how difficult it would have been to try and evict her in Small Claims Court—when she doesn’t Exist??  Or better, what type of criminal background she truly has??

I’m a big meanie. So be it.

That’s my job.

Here’s the take-a-way folks:  Leasing properties is not as simple as “running a credit report” and collecting a rent check.  There’s plenty of upside in terms of profit and opportunity.  There’s also plenty of downside in terms of downright atrocities.

Make sure you know who you’re dealing with on each deal.

If you don’t know, call me.

I’ll know.