As a homeowner, do you like to save money?  If you said “yes”, and really who doesn’t like to… another question to ask is “have you flushed your water heater recently?”.  If you haven’t don’t worry, thousands of people do not. Flushing your water heater is not something much people give thought to, but many do not realize the cost benefits of doing so.

Flushing will save you money on energy costs. Also, the build up of sediment in the form of minerals (calcium, rust, dirt, iron and sand) displaces the amount of hot water, so you have less available. If you have an older water heater tank bacteria can also grow and can cause the rotten egg smell of sulfur.

Flushing your water heater yearly can also help the unit to last longer. You will be able to detect any visible signs of rust and possibly heed a flood in your home.

The beginning and end of daylight savings are a great time to either perform this maintenance or higher a professional.