Wifey says to me this past Sunday, “Honey, can you sew our son’s Bear patch on his Cub Scout uniform?”

“Sure” I reply.

I shuffle to the laundry room reach into the cabinet and pull down the sewing box.  Flipping open the padded lid are the usual implements—scissors, marking chalk, pins, needles, and spools of thread.  The spools are small with a strange German-sounding name on them:  Gutermann.

As I’m sewing his Bear patch on the pocket, I recall buying the Gutermann thread years ago at JoAnn Fabrics.  The lady helping me pick out what I needed was kind to take pity on a husband waaaaayyyyy out of his comfort zone in a store catering to, ahem, women in general.

I drove there with the intent of buying a handful of cheap thread spools to stock a sewing kit for repairing ripped jeans, shirts, hems, etc.  (Yes, we have a small bit of role-reversal in my house:  I play the Cook and Betsy Ross.  The Wifey hates doing both.)

When I asked the lady to point me in the thread direction so I could get outta Dodge as fast as a bug being chased by a hungry goose, she asked me what I would be using it for….I said repairing stuff, mostly growing boys clothes, in fact.

Her eyes tighten up, she hesitates and says, “Follow me.  These racks aren’t what you want.  You want Gutermann thread.”

“I want what?”

On a small rack down the aisle are small spools of funny looking thread.  I look at the price tag of each spool.

Holy $#$%.  Each of these costs what a multi-pack of the other ones were priced!

She sees my hesitation, then says before allowing me to speak, “Gutermann has been making high quality thread for decades.  They put their passion in every fiber.  When you sew something with this thread, it will stay sewn.  It will stay looking great.  And it will stay useful.”

To this day, I’ve used this thread for every sewing job the Wifey has instructed me to complete.

Here’s the Take Away point, folks:

Everyone, including me, is under pressure in both business and at home to keep costs to a minimum and to stretch every dollar…and I suspect this pressure will build into 2013 as will the temptation to cut corners with cheaper materials and service providers.  However, just like common sewing thread, there is and will always be excellent value in using a product or service that gets the job done and gets it done well.  So it stays useful.

Oh yeah… almost forgot.  I have never re-sewn a single article of clothing once I repaired it with Gutermann thread.