Dan is down in Florida, but this time not to visit Disney World. He joins many other real estate professionals at the National Association of Realtors National Conference to keep up to date on what is happening in the industry.

The first session Dan attended this morning was covering Economic Issues and Residential Real Estate Business Trends. In this session, Dan heard about trends in the housing market, including the shortage of demand in regional markets, as well as the impact on home prices. Also, the impact of the housing market relative to the changing dynamics in the mortgage finance arena was a topic discussed in this two hour seminar.

Dan invests his time and money to travel to these conferences for his clients. Making sure that Polaris Real Estate and Polaris Property Management, LLC works accurately and diligently for clients and tenants is first priority. Dan knows that by keeping up with current trends and discoveries in the industry, Polaris will continue to be a market leader.

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