After an extremely lengthy explanation of her terrible experience with a property management company in Arizona, Ashlie had this to say about Polaris Real Estate and Polaris Property Management, LLC:

“I’m basically comparing my experience in AZ with what was required of me as a homeowner in Indiana. I guess I expected it would be the same. [In Indiana] I had to have my house spotless and the carpets cleaned before the tenants moved in. Even though it is expected, it’s the right thing to do. If I don’t treat my place well, how can I expect the renters to do the same? I had to have three keys made for both the front door and mailbox. I didn’t just hand over my existing keys and say, “have at it…don’t lose them.” The property management team I worked with [Polaris] answered every single phone call and email without hesitation. I don’t think I even had to wait 24 hours to get a response. I get monthly statements about my renters and if either the tenants or I have an issue in Indianapolis, I can count on Polaris to take care of it quickly and professionally. I called and begged them to open up shop in Arizona so I could rent from them. This has been a huge mistake on my part, to assume that things would be the same as in Indiana. I expected the same amount of professionalism and integrity from my management in Arizona that I have in Indiana; obviously I was wrong. At this point I have no interest in renewing my lease out here in Arizona once my year is up.
Polairs…Please, please, please open up shop out here. Teach these Arizona people how to run a professional company that cares about customer service!
Take care,”

Ashlie Saeger, October 30th, 2012

Thanks Ashlie, we will continue to do our best!