Top 5 ways to fill a rental property when you need to… the worst possible way:

  1. Use a generic lease template you purchased from OfficeMax.  It’s $10.  Cheaper than an attorney!
  2. Ask the tenants to give you copies of their credit reports so you don’t have to pay a screen ing service.
  3. Move them into the property and instruct them to let you know when something needs fixed.
  4. Discount the rent since they said they could move into it this weekend.
  5. Advertise it on Craigslist offering 1st month FREE if someone signs by the end of this month.


(P.S.  If these seem to be off a bit, the title does say “when you need to fill the property in the worst possible way.)

Challenge to you:  Win a great prize by emailing Dan your best explanation of why these aren’t the best ways to fill a rental property. 

Prizes will be mailed to you upon selection.  Hurry—contest is over at 6pm tonight!