Open houses are one of the oldest tricks in the real estate handbook. All you have to do is throw up a yard sign and watch the visitors (and their subsequent offers) come rolling in, right? Not so fast. Open houses can still be an important part of your selling strategy, but they aren’t right for every property, and they aren’t a magic bullet.

An open house is best used in a high-traffic area. If you’re out in the country, you’re unlikely to have much drive-by traffic to see your signs and turn up on Sunday afternoon for your open house. Likewise, having an open house often isn’t an option if you live in a gated community. You may want to coordinate with other homeowners in your area to hold open houses on the same day. It might sound counterintuitive to work with people who are essentially your “competition,” but when you all cooperate, you’ll bring in more prospects than any of you could have done individually, and hopefully you’ll bring in someone who’s looking for a home just like yours.

Some real estate agents will argue that holding an open house is a sign of desperation, a last-ditch effort to get prospects, any prospects, though the door.  Maybe that’s true if you hold an open house every weekend, but sometimes there’s no substitute for just getting people to come in and take a look around. While a great deal of home searching is done online, nothing can substitute for walking through the house and seeing the property with your own eyes, warts and all. Especially if you have a house with unusual architecture or unique features, an open house might be just the thing you need to show the house off to its best advantage.

Used properly, open houses are still a powerful to help you get fresh prospects into your house and interested in your property. Look to your real estate agent for guidance on when, or if, you should hold an open house. If you need an experienced real estate agent in Indianapolis, Fishers or Carmel, call the Dan Baldini team. We’ll help you get your house sold using smart marketing and good-old-fashioned hard work. Call us today to find out how we can help you put that “sold!” sign in your front yard.