The Indianapolis real estate market is starting to bounce back. For the first time in years, we’re seeing the market loosen up, making this a great time to list your home. If you think you might be ready to list your home, great! First, take a few simple, common-sense steps to make sure you’re presenting the most appealing view of your home to buyers:

  1. Get an inspection. Don’t wait until you have an offer on the table to have a home inspection. The last thing you want is to find some nasty surprise about your house that can kill a deal. Spend a little money on the front end to have a licensed real estate inspector go through your home and identify issues. Take care of large, obvious issues and be prepared to negotiate on other problems. Ask a qualified local real estate agent, like Dan Baldini, for a great recommendation for an inspector, and ask for help on deciding which items on the inspection you should fix right away, which can wait.
  2. Clean. You may have the most beautiful home in the world, but if the showers are full of soap scum and the carpet’s discolored, no one will ever know it. Either go over the place yourself with a fine-toothed comb, or hire a cleaning service to make your home showing-ready. You may also want to consider having cleaners in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis while you’re showing the house, to make sure it’s always ready to show.
  3. Stage. Don’t be fooled—staging doesn’t have to be a complicated process. At its simplest, staging is just the process of helping prospective buyers picture themselves in your home. That means doing simple things, like taking down family photos or removing unneeded furniture to help the room flow better. And don’t think you can just shove extra belongings into a closet—buyers will be looking there, too. Consider renting a storage unit for overflow belongings.
  4. Facelift. There are all kinds of projects you always meant to get to—repainting the trim on the windows, caulking those cracks in the driveway or planting new flowers next to the doorstep. This is the time to do those. Don’t make yourself crazy with changes, but these tiny upgrades can mean the difference between a house that looks cared-for and new and one that looks neglected and tired.

All pretty simple, right? Take the time to do a little prep work on the front end, and you’ll be much happier with the results when you finally do get ready to put your house on the market. For more information about getting your home ready for sale, call us today.