Green is all the rage these days. People like to believe they’re doing something good for the environment, and having a green label on your home can be a big selling point. But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on green improvements. Here are some quick, simple ways to green your home without spending a fortune:

  1. Bathroom. These days, most toilets are low flush-per-gallon, with many using only 1.2 gallons per flush. You can pick up one of these models for less than $100, making it an affordable update. You can also invest in a low-flow shower head, which reduces your water usage without sacrificing water pressure.
  2. Laundry room. High efficiency appliances are becoming common these days. Look for the EnergyStar label to make sure you’re getting a machine that will help you save water, electricity and money. Be aware though: Some high efficiency machines take a different kind of detergent than standard machines. Using the wrong kind can lead to some serious bubbles!
  3. Light bulbs. It seems silly, but compact fluorescent bulbs can save energy and money in two ways. First, they use less electricity, meaning you’ll save a few dollars a month on your electric bill. But because they also last several times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, you’ll find yourself replacing them less often. That means less cash spent purchasing new bulbs and less landfill waste, making these bulbs winners all around.

You don’t have to break the bank or change your lifestyle to improve the green appeal of your home. If you’re considering putting your home on the market, think about taking a few of these green steps, especially if you need new appliances of bathroom fixtures anyway. It might just be the tipping point you need to turn prospects into buyers!