Having a property manager might seem like a luxury. After all, how many maintenance emergencies are your tenants really going to have? How difficult can it really be to find qualified tenants and collect rent once a month? Isn’t using a property manager just spending money on something you don’t need?

No. A property manager is your safety net. A property manager is paid every month, regardless of whether something goes wrong or not, because when there is an issue with one of your properties, they’re there, ready and willing to spring into action and make everything right before you even know there’s a problem. Think of a property manager as insurance: Whether it’s life insurance or health insurance or car insurance, you pay for the coverage every month just in case. Even on months where you don’t get sick and don’t have any accidents, it’s still worth the cost.

A property manager is the same way. Yes, months will pass where things are quiet on the property management front, but when your tenant’s heat goes out at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday and your property manager takes the call for you, it’ll be worth it. When a tenant’s a week overdue with rent and your property manager handles the issue efficiently, it’ll be worth it.

Using an Indianapolis property management firm like Polaris Property Management gives you peace of mind. Call us today to find out how how we can help you when times are good and when times are bad. That’s what we’re here for.