Location, location, location. It might be a cliché in the real estate industry, but it’s true: Location is king. The first step in choosing to buy or lease a home is deciding where you want to live. After all, can a place really be your dream home if it’s in a dangerous, inconvenient neighborhood? Here are a few items to consider when deciding where you want to start your home search:

  • Transportation. Whether that means a neighborhood’s proximity to work, its proximity to public transportation, like an IndyGo bus stop, or its proximity to an interstate, you want a location that makes your life easier, not harder.
  • Schools. Even if you don’t have school-aged children, the school district you live in matters immensely for resale purposes. If you do have children, you want to give them the best education possible, and if you don’t, you want to make sure you can sell your house again for a fair price.
  • Activities. What do you like to do? Do you love to walk to restaurants and cultural attractions? Then you might want a location like Downtown, Broad Ripple, or Carmel’s Arts and Design District. But if you prefer a quiet lifestyle with plenty of room for the kids to run, you might want to consider Fishers or Brownsburg. Think about how your choice of locale impacts the activities you and your family will do.
  • Safety. Your house really is your castle, and it’s important that you feel safe there. While almost any neighborhood will have isolated issues with break-ins and violence, a pattern can start to cause concerns. In Marion County, use this interactive police map to look at the area you’re interested in and make sure it’s safe for you and your family.

Indianapolis proper and its suburbs are full of fantastic neighborhoods that fit almost any lifestyle. Just make sure you’re finding the one that’s right for you and your family. Need help narrowing it down? Call Polaris Real Estate and let us help you find where you belong.