We like to think that every tenant we let into a rental property is a great one, but evictions are a necessary part of leasing any property. Sometimes people can’t pay rent due to unforeseen situations, like losing a job or suffering a major financial setback. And sometimes people are just rotten eggs who break the rules or damage your property. Whatever the reason, evictions happen, and it’s how your property manager deals with them that matters.

First, before it ever gets to the eviction stage, a good property management company will do everything possible to fix the problem. That might mean sitting down and figuring out an alternative payment plan, finding out why a tenant is breaking lease terms and just generally understanding what the problem is. Eviction should only be a last resort. Besides the emotional toll it can take on all parties involved, evictions are also time-consuming and means your property will sit empty while a new tenant is found, meaning a loss of income for you.

If no agreement can be reached, then it might be time to start considering eviction proceedings. In the state of Indiana, evictions can start only after rent is at least ten days late, or there has been a breech in the leasing agreement. From there, the eviction process becomes regulated by law, and a property management company will help by handling all the legal headaches of dealing with an eviction so you don’t have to, making sure you’re in compliance with the law and handling the difficult matter with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

Evictions and difficult tenants are an inevitable part of the leasing process, but one of the hardest, especially if you’re trying to manage a property on your own. Let the experienced property management agents at Polaris Property Management help guide you through every step of the rental process, even the hardest ones. Call us today.