The housing market in Indianapolis is slowly thawing—according to the Indianapolis Board of REALTORS, home sales increased 13% in the last quarter of 2011. But that doesn’t mean it’s still always easy to sell your home.
If you’ve had a house on the home for four months or more, it may feel like you’ll never be rid of it. It can feel like an anchor, tying you down from moving on to a new home or even from moving to a new city. But if you haven’t been able to sell your home after months on the market, you have options.
One of the best options for people who have had difficulty selling their house is to rent it. With many people still afraid to make the plunge into owning their own home, rental properties are hot commodities, attracting qualified renters you’d be happy to have in your home.
What’s the benefit of renting your home? While you don’t get a huge cash infusion, as you would from selling your home, you do get steady rental income which allows you to apply that money towards the existing mortgage while you move on with your life. That lets you close on the house of your dreams or move across the country for your dream job. When you’re ready, you can always put the house back on the market to sell, still in great condition because it hasn’t sat vacant for months on end.
And when you work with a qualified property manager like Polaris Property Management, you can leave the day-to-day details of working with tenants to us. We’ll help you find great tenants, take care of maintenance requests and even collect the rent. All you have to do is cash the rent checks.
Still not sure? Call us and let’s talk about your situation and if renting your home is right for you.