The entire city of Indianapolis is excited to play host to the biggest party in sports: Super Bowl XLVI. While it’s too bad the Colts won’t be playing in the big game, this is still an incredible opportunity for Indy to take the national stage—and it might be an opportunity for you to make some money.

With nearly 100,000 guests expected in the Circle City for game day, there aren’t nearly enough hotel rooms to accommodate the influx of people. That means the short-term rental market will experience an explosion. But should you try to cash in on the game, or is it better to keep your doors closed to renters?

One big factor to consider is location. The best Super Bowl housing is located downtown, so renters won’t have to deal with the traffic and expense of parking during the game. We expect downtown condos to rent for $2,000-$4,000 a night during the peak time. The other type of housing that will see major interest will be large suburban homes that can hold big groups of visitors.

While some mansions in Dallas rented for up to $15,000 a night in last year’s Super Bowl, it’s difficult to say where the top of the market will be in Indy. Because of our colder weather, we believe that proximity to downtown will be a critical factor in pricing.

Interested in learning more? Check out this story on WISH TV8 featuring our own Dan Baldini. Or if you’re interested in renting your own condo or home for the Super Bowl, contact us today.