As a property manager, we have to please two masters. Of course we have a primary obligation to look out for the best interests of the property owner, but it’s also critical that we keep the tenant happy and comfortable in their rental. We have one client who’s seen both sides of this issue first hand. When we first met Abby, she was looking for a rental and became a tenant in one of our managed properties.

“Working with Polaris Real Estate and The Dan Baldini Team, the application process was very quick and easy! We scheduled a showing of the unit and within a few hours of deciding we were interested we were approved and had a signed lease.  Everything is electronic, simple and straight-forward.”

Later, Abby returned to Polaris Real Estate for help in renting her own condo. She’d originally worked with another company to lease her property, but she learned a valuable lesson in the process:

“Originally, we had hired another local company to manage our rental and quickly learned you get what you pay for.  Their fees were low but they had extremely slow response time and a highly unqualified staff. “

Her condo sat on the rental market for two months without any interested tenants. After her experience as a tenant with Polaris Real Estate, Abby decided to see if Polaris could help her find a renter for her home.

“The Polaris team communicates proactively and responds quickly. They’re very knowledgeable on price and have great recommendations to ensure the property is ready to rent.”

In just two weeks, we were able to rent Abby’s home for full-price and Polaris Property Management is taking care of the new tenants. It was a pleasure working with a client on both sides of the property management coin. Call us today and let us show you how we can help you find either the perfect rental or the perfect tenant!