Finding the right tenant for your home can be a lot like dating. There has to be an instant spark of chemistry, where the tenant falls in love with the house. Then comes the discovery phase, where both the rental owner and the tenant size each other up and decide if it’s true love. As a rental owner, how can you decide on the best tenant for your property? Here are a few things to look for in any prospective renter:

  1. Verify, verify, verify. Sure, your tenant may say they’re employed, but not everyone can be trusted to tell the truth. Take the time to call their employer and make sure they’re gainfully employed. Save yourself the time and cost of an eviction—make sure they’re telling the truth on the front end!
  2. Background check.  When it comes to choosing a tenant, you need to make sure these are people you’d feel comfortable living in your home. Do they have a criminal past? Are they a registered sex offender? Do they have a poor credit score and history of skipping out on rent? A thorough background check can shed considerable light on any prospective tenants.
  3. References. You can learn a lot simply by talking to people who know your prospect best. Maybe you’ll want to talk to one of their previous landlords and make sure there were no complaints or late payments, or you’ll want to talk to their employer and make sure they’re trustworthy. Take the time to get other people’s perspectives on your renter before singing on the dotted line.
  4. Talk to them. Yes, it’s old fashioned, but take some time to get to know your clients. Not only will you get a better picture about what kind of people they are, you might find information they wouldn’t tell you otherwise. Maybe they’ll mention their dog and you can remind them it’s a no-pet property, or you’ll find other useful information that makes your decision easier.

The best way to choose a tenant is to have a trusted partner in the process. When you work with an experienced property manager like Polaris Property Management, you’ll have our years of experience behind every tenant decision. Call us today to help us how we can help attract the best renters to your property.